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Edit WebPages - Adding an Image

Before you can add an image to your WebPage, you need to upload it to your website. To do this you create a WebImage

Next, open the WebPage to which you want to add your image.

Place the cursor at the point at which you want to insert your image, then click on the "Toolbox" icon on the toolbar.

Navigate to the folder that your WebImage is in using the left column. Select your WebImage from the middle column, then click the "Add Image" link at the top of the right column to add your image.

After your image is inserted into your WebPage, you can resize it by selecting it, then draging on the ears that appear around the image.

To edit your image's properties, right click on it and choose "Image Properties" from the popup menu.

This scenario asumes you are using the "HTMLArea" text editor. Choose your preferred editor using the "Properties" tab.

Some browsers block Popup windows. This may prevent your text editor from displaying the toolbox and other dialog boxes. Consult your browser help to enable "pop-ups" for your website.