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Adding a WebImage

A Web Image is an image file. You need to create a WebImage to be able to insert an image into your web pages.

To add a new WebImage: select "WebImage" from the Add Drop Down List on the toolbar. Then click the "Add" button.

Add Drop Down List

The "Add Image" page will be displayed

Select the image and enter the WebImage's ID into the page that is displayed.

Add WebImage Form

Use the "Browse" button to find the image file on a local or networked drive.

Provide an id for the image in the "Alternative Id" field and click "Add" to add the image file. The Id should be lower case and not have any spaces or punctuation because it will be used in the URL for the image.

Once added, the image will appear with all the other items of the current folder in the contents list.

Images of any format can be uploaded, but it is advised that only JPG or GIF be used. JPG's should be used for any digital photographs while GIF's are generally reserved for logos or images with line drawings.

Tip - It is recommended not to upload images with dimensions larger than 640x480 because it will take a long time to upload. Any images larger than this will be automatically scaled down to maximum dimensions of 640x480.

Tip - You will need to add any images to the site prior to editing a document in which you wish to insert the image.